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Jules and Monique: A Raintree Success Story

When Jules was born, he weighed only 1 pound, 13 ounces. Jules’ mother, Monique, was thrilled to finally bring her son home after a 91 day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Since Jules was born prematurely, he qualified for early intervention services.

Monique wanted the best for her son, so she decided to enroll Jules into the Early Steps program and selected Raintree Children and Family Service’s Family Support Coordination program to ensure that he reached his developmental milestones. Jules was given a case manager, along with specialized providers, who helped his family create a plan to help him reach his goals. His case manager was able to connect him to weekly special instruction therapy, where he focused on building different motor and communication skills so that he could get closer to meeting his milestones. After just a year enrolled in Raintree’s program, Jules reached all of his physical, communication, and motor skills milestones! Because of Raintree’s help, Jules is now quite the active toddler at 2 ½-years-old – he enjoys running around playfully, examining his surroundings as much as he can.

Monique is very thankful for Raintree’s early intervention services. “Raintree has helped him tremendously,” she said, as she chased after a curious, running Jules. “They worked with him on his motor reflexes and made sure that he was able to meet his goals.” Since he met all his goals, Jules no longer qualifies for Raintree services. Raintree program staff will miss seeing Jules and Monique. Thanks to supporters like you, Jules and other children can receive the care from Raintree that they need to thrive.

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