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Nine Ways to Keep Active and Healthy With Your Family

During these times of social distancing, Raintree House residents are getting creative in finding fun activities to do together. Check out Raintree House’s fun and inexpensive ways to stay healthy and have fun with your family indoors.

1. Have an indoor picnic. Place a blanket down on the living room floor, eat your favorite picnic foods, and play music that everyone in the family enjoys.

2. Make a healthy snack. Find a recipe that will allow family members of all ages to help. Ten Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves and Strawberry Yogurt Bark should provide you with several ideas to start.

3. Make up a scavenger hunt in the house or the backyard, if you have one. Here are scavenger hunt link ideas for younger children and for older children.

4. Have a movie night. Pretend that you’re at the movie theater: fix popcorn with butter and your favorite seasonings and treat yourselves to movie candy on the healthier side, like dried fruit and mixed nuts.

5. Choreograph a dance routine. There are all kinds of dance routines online for you to draw inspiration from! Pick a song that everyone enjoys and go from there.

6. Learn a language together. Establish a set schedule each day to study the language. There are many online resources that everyone can use, such as Duolingo. Label items in your home in the language that you’re trying to study. Prepare cultural food from the language you are studying.

7. Do a fitness activity together. Try a fun cardio workout from Fitness Blender.

8. Draw or paint together. Draw household objects or use inspiration from photos of past family trips or gatherings and paint using watercolors.

9. Hold a musical concert inside your home. Use the back of tin cans and a spoon, turn a five-gallon bucket into a drum, use bells to make jingles, craft a string guitar using a cereal box, place buttons or rice inside of tupperware containers or make everyone’s favorite: the paper plate tambourine.

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