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Be a Board Member

Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors?  Raintree Children and Family Services is currently recruiting Board members!  We are looking for interested individuals with board experience from various professional background including finance, IT, HR, public relations, marketing, local media, and education.  If you or anyone in your network are interested, please apply.  Thank you!

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Board of Directors


Angela Lacour


Chana Lewis

Vice Chair

Kate deKay

At-Large Member

Kenny Malter


Todd Tournillon

Lenny Burgos

Erika M. Rajo Psy.D.

David Coons

John K. Roberts III

Scott Howard

Charlotte Sapir

Marguerite F. Moisio 

Corey Thomas

Cindy Paulin 

Rebecca Toups

A shley Scruggs

Advisory Group Members

Cole Callihan

Jamie Moreau 

Rebecca Gardner Roussel

Mann Deynoodt

Pat Starnes 

Lana Duke

Lauren L. Tafaro 

Eugeine Guillot

Honorary Members

Charles B. Mayer, Esq.

Mr. Kenneth E. Pickering, Esq. 

Mrs. Lee W. Randall (Kathy) 

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