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Family Support Coordination

Helping children with developmental delays and disabilities in New Orleans and the surrounding areas in Louisiana. 

About FSC

Raintree’s largest program providing case management services to infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays and disabilities. As a Louisiana EarlySteps provider, Raintree connects families to services focused on helping children meet their developmental goals on target. Our case managers coordinate services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. Raintree Family Support Coordination assists approximately 204 children and families each year. 

FSC has helped over 200 children in the New Orleans area this year!

Success Story


Came into Raintree's Care with a few health issues: ADEM, malnourishment, and eating issues. Since being with his foster family, his health has progressed, he gained weight, and his doctors say he's on the right track. 

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