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National Disability Independence Month

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

disability pride

Every July, we celebrate National Disability Independence Day and National Disability Pride Month to commemorate the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These milestones mark the progress we have made towards accessibility and equality for all people, regardless of their type of disability. At Raintree, we are committed to promoting inclusion in all aspects of our work.

Raintree event
Raintree case manager and families

Raintree's Family Support Coordination Program

provides case management services to

infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays and disabilities. Case managers support families by connecting them with proper treatment, resources, medical care, and management techniques. We're proud to say our program has helped over 200 children this past year! There's nothing more rewarding than changing a child's life- which is the heart of Raintree's mission.

Disability Flag Colors and Their Meaning

Red: physical

Yellow: cognitive and intellectual

White: undiagnosed

Blue: mental illness

Green: sensory

Black: those with disabilities who lost their lives due to illness, negligence, suicide, and eugenics

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