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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

affects of child abuse
how child abuse affects children

During the month of April, we think of the children who are victims of child abuse while simultaneously fighting for a future with more resources, education, and prevention. Childhood should be a joyous and positive experience, not one of pain and sadness.

Some children slip through the cracks, dealing with hardships one couldn't imagine. A child abuse survivor is incredibly strong, yet the healing process takes patience and a lot of inner work. Please take a moment to mentally embrace these survivors and hope for their future to be abundant.


Did you know Raintree helps victims of child abuse?

Two of Raintree’s three programs help local youth recover from abusive/neglectful situations: Raintree House and Foster Care

Raintree House is a group-home for ages 11 - 21. Residents come from a background of abuse, trauma, or neglect. Our programming interventions include stabilization, a healing environment, and teaching skills for a successful life. It’s a lot for a child/teen to work though their pain, but many blossom thanks to our staff, therapy sessions, care, and new experiences.

Raintree’s Foster Care Program places children and teens in a therapeutic foster parent home. All Foster Parents are trained and well prepared for children who’ve experienced abuse or neglect. Being placed in a new home can be scary, but Raintree tries to make it as comfortable as possible.

Louisiana DCFS Stats
DCFS stats of Louisiana


Child abuse affects many members of our community! It can be someone you encounter every day, a family member, or a neighbor. If you suspect anything,

please call: 

1-855-452-5437 or text 225-424-1533


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