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How Raintree House Gives Back to Local Youth

Raintree House is a local group-foster-home for girls between ages 11 and 18. We provide food and shelter, but as an organization we strive to give much more- around the clock care, structure, guidance, stability, new experiences, sisterhood, and hope.

Our residents have dealt with hardships and trauma at young ages. Raintree's incredible staff are trained to help children with such backgrounds and are dedicated to make sure they thrive.

Summer activity 23'
Raintree House Residents

How to Give Back


We are currently accepting applicants for mentors at the Raintree House. Our goal is to expose the residents to healthy relationships with adults, as well as inspire them. Willing to give a few hours of your time monthly? You should apply!


If you're unable to mentor, but would still like to help, we are accepting donations for outings, dinners, or new experiences.

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